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Luxury Scented Candles & Melts

Wax melts create ambience, influence mood and with my selection of scented melts, you can fill your home with scents to soothe your senses too. At Mesmerizing …

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Welcome to Karen's Scented Wax Melts

Mesmerizing Melts was founded in early 2019, after a life long love affair with home fragrances.

I began making Wax Melts and then set about creating …

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About My Shop

I am ready and able to listen to your ideas and create the perfect piece that is precisely to your liking, working with a range of materials to create …

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Mindful Wax Melt Gift Box

Mindful Wax Melt Gift Box
Wax Melt Burner
Assorted Hearts Sample Wax Melts Set of 12 Fragranced Wax Hearts
20 Large Wax Melts
Lemongrass Mini Wax Melts
Chocolate Orange Mini Wax Melts
Peppermint Mini Wax Melts
Lavender Mini Wax Melts
Raspberry and Vanilla Mini Wax Melts
Millions Mini Wax Melts
Only The Bravest Mini Wax Melt Box
Luxury Scented Soy Candles
Products Continued

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Please note that the colour of the wax melts may change also there might be slight frosting. This is normal for soy wax. It will not affect the fragrance.


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